dear diary

The Album is OUT: From Golda & Gertie... 

The release of this album is a true labor of love for us.  It started with us sitting in the living room, making little videos of song ideas.  We knew we wanted to eventually share these songs but we weren’t sure.  Should we?  Couldn’t we just keep this to ourselves?  With the encouragement and love of our family and friends, we took the leap.  We decided to create an album.  Under the guidance of our amazing friend and producer, Glenn Suravech, we stretched the boundaries of ourselves as artists, and created something that we are incredibly proud of.  It's a reflection of the space between where we’ve been and where we are now.  We hope to continue on this journey with all of you.  Thank you for listening.  We hope you enjoy.


Golda & Gertie



We Heart HEART 

From Golda--

So, this past weekend was HALLOWEEN weekend and we decided (OK, our friend RODNEY T. decided), in our (I mean, HIS) absolute GENIUS, to dress up as Nancy & Ann Wilson of the supergroup HEART.  We KNOW, right??!?  HEART MotherF'er's!!  You gotta know that Gertie and I are gigantor extra-credit nerdy SUPERFANS of these two ladies.  I swear to you that WHEN we meet these ladies (I invoke the power of THE SEEEEECRETTT), we will be as much of a blubbering mess as when Marcia met Davey Jones/Rosie met Babs/Kid met Play/Spam met Garlic Rice, you get the picture. 

In all sincerity, we figured that since we were already dressed up, that we would do a short  Tribute video to HEART, our idols.  Well, it was a long night.  We spent all night at this great Halloween Party, we had tight wig issues, we ate way too many pumpkin-shaped cupcakes & sliders AND all that eye makeup was making it's way towards the last remnants of our brain cells.  We never actually got any legit footage due to all above mentioned (and not-so mentioned) reasons.  It was just one ridiculous take after the next.

So here you have it - our HEART Tribute Gone Bad.

We're Just Two Women, Sitting in Front of a Band... 

From Golda--

You know the rest...  If you don't, it's probably one of the BEST cheesey lines EVER in a romantic comedy.  The movie title I'm thinking about rhymes with MOTTING NILL.  That said...

We recently had the opportunity to play with three ridiculously talented artists and -  what can we say?  We heart them. 

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that Durwood has performed with a full band.  Usually it's just me and Gertie, sitting in Gertie's living room, playing songs whilst Archie (our faithful mascot Nebelung cat) nods her furry head in approval (or falls asleep - if she is bored out of her mind).  Although we have only had brief playtime with these guys, we feel so honored to have the opportunity to work with them.  We hope you feel the same way we do, too.  Catch us with special guest artists David Tran AKA Applesauce, Abe Kim and Leticia Meza, TONIGHT at TUESDAY NIGHT CAFE, 7:30pm.  If you can't make it to Downtown L.A. tonight, check out the LIVE stream starting at 7:30pm:  It's gonna be unlike anything you have ever heard come out of DURWOOD before.

Durwood & Applesauce - "A Night to Rehearse" (A Silent Film Short) 

From Gertie--

A couple weeks ago Traci Kato-Kiriyama approached us about putting together a short video promo with David Tran (aka Applesauce) for the TN Party this year.  We jumped at the chance to create this short theatrical piece in hopes of gaining some interest in the TN Party - a fundraising benefit for the Tuesday Night Project.  This film was written on Wednesday, shot on Thursday, edited on Friday, and posted on Saturday. 

From Golda--

Hey Everybody!

I just have to say I am soooooo super excited to be a part of the TN Party this year!  At the least, I can't wait to eat.  Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about performing this year but Boy-Oh-Boy, I sure love to eat!  I'm a fan of two of the vendors coming to feed us:  The Park's Finest & Good Girl Dinette.  Johneric Concordia (the "Jefe" behind Park's Finest) comes up with the most tantalizing, lip-smacking BBQ (I love the Mt. Malindang Pork Ribs & Mt. Mayon Hot Sausage Links).  I don't know what they do to make it so delectable, but I'm SOLD.  And, don't even get me started on their cornbread bibinka!  Anybody out there ever had Bibinka (it's a Filipino dessert)??  Well, lemme tellya something -  you are missing out if you don't try it!  So come on down this weekend.  Good Music, Beautiful People and Spectacular Food in a gorgeous outdoor setting.   I'll bring the handywipes.


The 12th Annual TN Party is taking place July 31st Saturday 5-11pm at the JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo. The party will feature performers, guest emcees, artisan vendors, live painters, as well as food from The Park's Finest and Good Girl Dinette, music, dancing, and a whole lot of fun. You can buy your tickets in advance for $15 Presale/Students/Seniors (presale ends Tuesday, July 27th at 11:59pm, so get your tickets early!), $20 General Admission at the door, and for all the young folks who are 12 and under, admission is free!

The TNP Party schedule includes:

5pm-6:30pm FAMILY TIME

  • Mista Cookie Jar
  • Progressive Taiko
  • Freedom Sounds (Korean poongmul drumming)

6:30pm -- 9:30pm PERFORMANCES by:

  • Antoine Diel
  • Bambu
  • SueJin w/ Jenny San Angel
  • Rocky Rivera & DJ Roza
  • Durwood (Golda Inquito & Gertie Meza) & Applesauce (David Tran)
  • Dawen
  • Lee Takasugi
  • Harlem Lee

9:30pm -- 11:00pm DJs and DANCING!!

Guest emcees include:

  • Alden Villaverde
  • Greg Watanabe
  • Keiko Agena
  • Kennedy Kabasares
  • Kristina Wong

Artisan Vendors include:

  • Blacklava
  • Beatrock
  • Koko Candles
  • Mango Pop
  • By Belinda
  • Los Switcheros
  • John Reinert Cardboard Furnishings

Live Painters feature:

  • Alfie Numeric
  • Ann Matsushima
  • Alex Chiu
  • Yumi Sakugawa

There will also be the Video-Collider curated by Visual Communications (2 hours worth of 60-sec videos submitted by film/video-makers from as far as Berlin!) to mash-up with the magnificent sounds provided by DJ ANT, DJ Pomade, and DJ Waxstyles!

*Special Mother's Day VLOG Edition from Mama Inquito!* 

When we thought to ourselves "What can we get our Mom's for Mother's Day this year?", we looked no further than to go to the source!  Mama Inquito shares with us, in her own special way, her suggestions for Mother's Day Gifts Do's & Don'ts!  Enjoy and HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!


You really can't go wrong with this shirt. 

It's 100% Cotton made by AMERICAN APPAREL and our friend at Blacklava (  It's got the Durwood artwork on it to show your Durwood Pride.  It's a great color that goes with almost everything & it's really COMFY.  Here are some other potential places to wear your sexy Durwood t-shirt:

1)  The Grocery Store
2)  Your School
3)  The Fresh Juice Aisle @ Whole Foods
4)  Casual Friday's, Bagel Monday's & Karaoke Thursday's
5)  The Cool Cafe Down The Street Where You Write in Your Journal for 5 Hours
6)  During Construction (Gertie does this to keep her sanity)
7)  While Writing the Next Great American Novel at Your Kitchen Table
8)  While Rowing a Boat on Some River with your Sweetiepieboobookinspakoobabaa
9)  Waiting for a Free Treadmill While Adjusting Your i-Pod, Reading a Magazine and Looking Around at All the People Sweatier Than You
10)  Making Breakfast w/ No Apron - Because You are THAT Bad Ass...
11)  While Playing w/ Your Cat/Dog/Bird/Bunny
12)  While Perusing the Aisles @ Costco (Golda does this)
13)  AND THE LIST GOES ON & ON & ON......!

The T-Shirts will officially be on sale SUNDAY, FEB. 28 during the Firecracker Nite N' Day Festival.  And it's ONLY $18!  To pre-order your shirts, please e-mail us and we'll hook you up:  Thank you all once again for all the love and support!


From Golda--

Every so often, Gertie and I go to shops around Pasadena and to local residences (unannounced) to clear our minds and to just chillax.  We passed by the local Pottery Barn (or P.B.) and discovered they have FANTASTIC lighting for no-flash shots.  It truly excites us when we find venues that are no-flash friendly, AT NIGHT! 

We can't afford this store so we just take pictures there, come up with fake uses of the items while at the store, secretly wish we had these products, realize we can't, then cry into our pillows later that night.  Here are some samples of some of the products we dig:

Gertie w/ Salad Bowl thingey - Not supposed to be a hat

Gertie wanted to play Dodgeball w/ this grass ball decorative piece - They wouldn't let us


From Golda--

There's a great arts & crafts shop in South Pasadena.  They sell knick-knacks, paddy-whacks, scrabble pieces and anything paper mache-oriented.  Lookie what we found...  All spelled out already and everything (and it's worth 12 points at your next Scrabble tournament!  Ok, that was a LIE (about it being spelled out already).  But this is what you do on a Sunday afternoon.